Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Web Portal:

The Privacy of our visitors is very important to us. The Privacy Policy statement provides and explain the personal information collected on our website and ways in which we are using the personal information. In Privacy policy statement we are explaining who we are using your personal information and purpose of information collected.

Cookies: does use the cookies to collect and store the information about to visitors accessing our website. When you are access our website, cookies will send the software code to visitor browser. Cookies file which contain the user id and track the visitors which page visitor has visited. You do not need to much worry about it. Because cookies do not read the data off your hard disk and any kind other data available in your device. It does not harm your device.

Log Files:

Like the other websites, make the log file. Log File keep the information of visitors such as IP Address, type of browser you are using, time and date you have accessing on our website. Log files also make the analysis about to visitors movement, clicks, downloads and uploads etc movements on our website.

Note: We can not identify the particular visitors or user and their browsing activities except when a law enforcement agency may exercise a warrant to inspect the service providers log.

Collection of Personal Information: We are not sharing any kind of personal information of our visitors. If any one ask for any other personal information, you will be informed by our team before to share your personal information if you given the permission to us. Personal information will be kind of information sent by visitor, information shared by you to register with us, information provided during subscribe with us for news letters, any kind of transactions carried out by visitors, etc. These are the kind of personal information shared by visitors.

How do we use your Personal Information?

We may use and access the information which we have collected from when you register, sign up for news letter, marketing communication, surfing the website, respond to a survey and using the certain features of other website in following ways –

  • To improve the our website to provide the better services and information to you
  • To personalize user’s experience and to allow us to deliver the any kind of content and product offerings which you are most interested
  • Aspirants may allow us to better services you in responding to your customer service requests.

How we protect your information?

We are against to share the personal information, user name, password, transaction information and data stored etc details. We are protecting the visitors personal information from unauthorized access. Our website store all the personal information of visitors are secured with secure server.

DoubleClick DART Cookie:

We are using the Google Adsense which provide the ads on our website. Google as third party vendor, uses the cookies to provide ads on our website – Google is using the DARD Cookies techniques to provide the ads.

Visitors can get the more information about to Google Ads and content network privacy policy by following URL - Visitors can open this URL in new tab and get more details about to DARD Cookies.

If you have any issue with the Privacy Policy and Copy Right Issue you can contact with us by using the Contact Us Application Form which is also available on our website.