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Terms & Conditions:

User Agreement: Onlinerecruitmenthub.com visitors are informed here read the Term and Conditions before to going to use the information and to access our website. Here we are informed to all our visitors who are viewing our website have to accept the Term and Conditions Polices. All Visitors are accepted the our term and conditions rules and polices of our website. By visiting our website visitors have already accepted the Onlinerecruitmenthub.com term and condition polices.

Copy Right Policy: All the data (content) provided and uploaded on our website including images, text, written content, and intellectual property are unregistered and registered by the Website Owner. All the copyrights and intellectual property rights are reserved. Information and All the content has taken from different sources. Few images may be copied from other sources however copyright violation can be registered by Contact Us form. Aspirant cans sent their objection query and we will review your application and remove the objectionable content as per request.

Privacy Policy Acceptance Rule: Candidates who are visiting the Onlinerecruitmenthub.com, they will be treated as accepted our Privacy Policy from the beginning. He/She accepted the privacy policy and accessing this website on own risk. Candidates who are not satisfied with our Privacy Police, they can leave or discontinue from the Onlinerecruitmenthub.com.

Right To Chane and Modify: We can change and modify the term and condition without informing the visitors at any time. Visitor can not claim for any thing to change and modified on our website. We have all the rights. If the visitors are continue to visiting and accessing our website without checking the term and condition policy, it refers to accepting the term and conditions polices of Onlinerecruitmenthub.com

Third Party Web Portals: We are providing the third party links on our website which are treated as third party vendors means we do not have any kind of link with third part website. We do not have any kind of responsibility any modification and wrong thing will be done or provided on third party website. Visitors are accessing the third party website at own risk. We are providing the third party website link for information purpose only.